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Pre-Health Professions Advising Program

Prospective & Incoming Students


Thank you for inquiring about our pre-health program. It is an outstanding program that will prepare you well should you decide to attend Messiah College!

For students planning to enter medical school or an allied health care profession, Messiah's pre-health program has the flexibility for students to select almost any major and be on the pre-health track (prerequisite courses and satisfactory entrance exam scores required). No matter what major you choose, you need a school with strong science programs, which you will find at Messiah. We offer a broad and rigorous program in both biology and chemistry. Messiah is committed to broadly educating our students in all areas of science. Our biology program spans herpetology to molecular genetics, ecology to immunology. Few schools of our size have twelve full-time biologists, six full-time chemists as well as several physiologists, who are part of the Health and Human Performance Department. Messiah also offers a yearly anatomy course with two cadavers that students actually dissect.

There is a strong emphasis on research and other types of hands-on scholarship at Messiah. Faculty are actively involved in research with students. Funding, awards and endowments promote both faculty and student research. Students have a wide variety of projects from which to choose and may include a joint project at Hershey Medical College, which is just a 25-minute drive from campus.

Medical schools look for individuals with cross-cultural experience, and Messiah excels in this aspect of education. Messiah College has a unique relationship with one of the leading malaria research field stations in the world—the Malaria Institute at Macha Hospital in Zambia. The institute was founded by a Messiah alum and research fellow, Dr. Phil Thuma. At Macha Messiah students take courses and do individual research projects alongside researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Cambridge University as well as researchers in South Africa.

Approximately 80% of Messiah applicants are accepted to medical programs. Messiah College alumnae are currently enrolled in some of the finest medical schools in the country—including The Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, Penn State University, University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. Some graduates received major scholarships to attend these schools. Messiah grads report being well prepared for medical school.

Christian mission is very important at Messiah. It permeates everything we do, including our science and pre-health programs. We believe that healthcare professionals need a solid grounding in their faith and values. Faculty members at Messiah College are committed to helping students develop in their spiritual life and moral character, which is important for those who will work with the sick and needy.
For more information, contact Martha Smith, Coordinator of Pre-Health Professions Advising at 717.766.2511, extension 3936 or by email at