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Pre-Health Professions Advising Program

Our Majors


The pre-med program at Messiah College is just that:  A program.  It is not a major.  It is best thought of as a group of courses required by graduate health programs that can be taken along with virtually any major, and for this reason Messiah students work with both an academic advisor in their major and a pre-health professions advisor. 

That said, most pre-med students enter Messiah College with a strong interest in the sciences and a strong interest in serving humanity in a medical capacity and often choose to major in biology, molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry or biopsychology.  It is for this reason that these majors are described in this section.  The choice of major, however is up to the student and individualized programs are jointly choreographed by the student, the major advisor and Martha Smith, Coordinator of Pre-Health Professions Advising.