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Department of Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Clinical Concentration


Our B.A. in Psychology with a Clinical Concentration is ideal for students who think they may become counselors or seek an entry-level position in a counseling-related field. In this concentration, students take a specified 12 credits that provide a firm grounding in the basics of counseling.



Psychology Major, B.A

with Clinical Concentration

47 credits


(credit hours shown in parentheses)


Each of the following:

Writing for Psychology (1)

Introduction to Psychology* (3)

Life Span Development (3)

Statistical Methods in Psychology (3)

Social Psychology (3)

Introduction to Social Research (3)

History and Systems in Psychology (3)

Psychology Seminar (3)

Human Biology* (4)


One of the following:

Cognition (3)

Biological Basis of Behavior (3)


One of the following:

Experimental Psychology (3)

Psychological Testing (3)


Each of the following (clinical concentration):

Group Dynamics (3)

Abnormal Psychology (3)

Counseling Theories (3)

Counseling Skills (3)


Three additional PSY elective credits


*Also meets general education requirements




For a printable version of the curriculum requirements and the types of courses you would be taking as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Counseling Concentration, visit our Online Course Catalog.

Recommended course sequence for Psychology B.A. with Clinical Concentration



How to Apply

To apply for admission to Messiah College, simply call and request an application at 1-800-233-4220 or apply online! Open House dates and major-specific events are scheduled throughout the year. Students may arrange for a variety of visit options to suit their interests and schedule.




Contact Dr. John Bechtold; Department Chair (717) 796-1800, ext. 7023




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