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Department of Psychology

Psychology Minors


For more details on the curriculum requirements for each minor, visit our online course catalog.


Psychology Minor:
designed for non-majors who wish to develop

a more sophisticated understanding of the person, this minor consists of 18 credits. This minor serves as a nice complement many majors including Education, Nursing, and Business.


Pre-Counseling and Therapy Minor:
is ideal for those students wishing to pursue

a career and/or further education in marriage

and family therapy or counseling. Classes

within the minor, consisting of 21 credits,

help to provide a basic understanduing of this

specific branch/field within psychology.


Community Psychology Minor:
provides students with an understanding of the individual in the context of his/her community, and the theories of assessment and evaluation of community-based programs and agencies. This minor consists of 21 credits, and requires a practicum in psychology or sociology which must be approved by the Department of Psychology.


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