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Department of Social Work

Social Work Graduation


Masters of Social Work
Social work students are able to concentrate on a particular area of interest. A master's degree is helpful for working in school and health settings.


What is Advanced Standing?
A student can get their master's degree within a year. Typically it is a 30 credit program, 15 credits in the fall and 15 credits in the spring. Some grad programs however, require a few summer classes prior to the fall semester. The advanced standing program is only good for the first five years upon graduation. After five years it will take longer to recieve your masters.


What is an LSW, LCSW?
LSW: licensed social worker
LCSW: licensed clinical social worker
-3,000 hours or 2-6 years of clinical supervision


M.S.W. Grad Schools of Pennsylvania
Bryn Mawr College
California University of Pennslyvania
Edinboro University
Kutztown University
Marywood College
Millersville University

Shippensburg University
Temple University

University of Pennsylvania
West Chester University
Widener University


Request for Recommendation Letter from Faculty

Click on this link: Request for Recommendation fill out the PDF form, save and email to the faculty member you are requesting the recommendation from.


Messiah College Social Work Graduates
Hi, my name is Heidi. I graduated from Messiah in May 2010. Currently I am pursuing a Master’s of Social Work Degree at Millersville University. Since I have a Bachelor’s of Social Work, I was able to enter my MSW program with Advanced Standing. This means I will able to graduate with my MSW in May 2011. My experiences at Messiah along with my inspiring professors have prepared me to excel in my graduate studies.
While pursuing my MSW, I am working part-time for Philhaven as a residential counselor. I work in a small house helping adults with mental health concerns transition from psychiatric hospitalizations back into the community. My duties include assessing client mood and behavior, leading groups, intervening in crisis situations, listening to my clients, and assisting them on their recovery journey. Messiah’s social work program has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to provide personalized and ethical care to my clients.
In the future I plan to obtain my clinical license. I am interested in providing alternative therapies such as art therapy and pet therapy, but I would also enjoy working at the community level. In general I hope to use my social work skills to help the powerless in society find their voices.


What Our Graduates Have to Say.....

“We start our field work immediately and begin to develop our maturity and professionalism early on, allowing our field instructors to ask more of us so that we benefit from what those experiences have to offer. Professionalism is not an end goal we hope to attain one day- it is what we practice every day to constantly improve ourselves and make us the most effective social workers we can be.”


"Practicing self- awareness has guided me in learning how to handle my own beliefs and values with integrity and competence in working respectfully and ethically with clients.  The profession of social work provides opportunities to demonstrate the gospel of Christ, giving clients a grace-filled gift of knowing what it feels like to be treated with love and justice."


"Worshipping God at all times will mean interacting with my clients and colleagues as a servant, and with understanding and grace at all times.  I cannot think of a more effective way for a social worker to practice." 


"A vocation is a calling; not my career, although my career in social work goes along with my vocation.  My vocation is to serve." Alyssa Revekant, 2012


"When I was beginning my Social work classes I was overwhelmed by having to remember so much information but what I came to realize is that Social Work is a way of life and the skills that we have studied come as second nature."Alyssa Revekant, 2012


"The social work major has taught me the skills and tools I need to make a difference in the lives of others. I can see how God has used this major to develop in me competence and well as confidence in myself."


"Social work is feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, welcoming the stranger, and visiting the sick; in my opinion there is no better example of Christ-like love. I am one to express my faith more through actions than through words, and in this sense social work has given me a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate my faith."


"My faith guides my desire to do social work.  Social work is about serving and meeting the needs of people, and my faith holds those same values.  The social work program at Messiah College has helped to instill Christian values into my practice.  With each social work class, a different spiritual discipline was addressed.  Through this I was able to learn and put into practice meditation, study, prayer, service, worship, simplicity, confession, solitude, submission, guidance and celebration.  Each spiritual discipline has helped me to understand the profession of social work in a new way." Mary Kate Stone, 2012


"I no longer want to box myself in and think that I cannot have a great impact on society as a whole. As I think of advancing human rights and justice, I fear that I am not adequate enough. However, I recognize that change begins on a small level, but the outcome is still greater than the starting point. With this recognition and knowledge, I hope to advance social justice every day, recognizing that small steps may change policy and justice on a grander scale." Sarah Ring, 2012



Senior Bios


Click here to read about the graduating class of 2011.

Career Opportunities


    Social Workers, either with a B.S.W. or an MSW are involved in a variety of fields:
  • Graduate studies
  • Child Protective Services
  • Psychiatric Social Work
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Faith-based Social Work
  • Program Administration
  • Foster Care and Adoptions
  • Medical Social Work
  • School Social Work
  • Community Organizing
  • Gerontology Social Work

Social Workers also have opportunities to work abroad.  Many organizations offer 1-2 year programs overseas that help recent graduates gain valuable experience in social work related fields.


An example of such an opportunity can be found below:

Mennonite Central Committe SALT Program


Click here for a helpful powerpoint presentations on "The Helping Professions Career Opportunities"


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