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Department of Social Work

Social Work Seniors

Class of 2011


Amanda NissleySocial Work Seniors
I entered the field of social work because it is a combination of sociology and psychology and working to help clients have a better future. In high schoolI had been interested in both the fields of sociology and psychology, and was excited to learn that I could go into a career that combined both of these interests. During my time at Messiah College I was able to an internship my sophomore year at a local nursing home. I was given the opportunity to learn hands-on about social work. I have taken part in service learning andhave been able to help those in the community as a result of being a social work student at Messiah College. My goal in life is to come along side those who are struggling and to be a friend and support to those in need.


Laura Lea Peschka
I decided to major in social work based on my desire to serve God by serving others. I believe that the social work values go hand in hand with the Christian's calling to help those in need. I then chose Messiah College because I loved how the program prepares you for the future, and have enjoyed the assignments that really focus on real life situations. Our internships and volunteer hours help students put knowledge into action. During one of our first classes a professor told us that we are not just learning about social work, but we are actually becoming social workers!


Beverly Donahue
I chose to major in social work because the profession lines up so closely with my personal beliefs. I am passionate about most of the issues the NASW is, and I have always wanted to be in a profession where I love what I am doing. Being able to study Social Work with a faith based background has made this experience even more valuable. Messiah College has made this such a great experience for me because I know that I am going into the real world with valuable experience. The opportunity to work with an agency almost every year has taught me lessons that I would not have been able to learn in a classroom.


Kyle Galer
After graduating high school I felt a calling to help the broken-hearted; to reach out to those who are in need. I decided that the best way to follow this calling was through social work. Social work really puts a person on the fronts lines in helping the poor, lost, or needy. My goal in life is to minister to these people like Jesus did. The Messiah social work program has taught me the importance integrating my faith into not only my education, but also my future as a social worker. The internships and placements have given me real hands-on experience that I feel have really prepared me to enter the work force with confidence. Through this program I know I am ready to advocate for the minority, strengthen the weak, and love the broken-hearted with God's love. "He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners." - Isaiah 61:1


Kelsie Boyd
I've been known to surprise myself by some of the things I do -and deciding to major in Social Work was one of those things. During my freshman year, I participated in Service Day, where I was painting a room at a nursing home facility. I decided to take a water break and began talking with a woman in the break room -whom I soon learned was a social worker at the agency. I was amazed at how well she listened to what I was saying, and soon began talking to her about her job. As I was getting ready to leave, she asked me what my major was. Since I was a Journalism major at the time, I was completely shocked to hear myself say, "I'm switching to Social Work." After returning to school and having some more time to think about what I had told the woman, I then set up meetings with the Social Work faculty, and without even really knowing what I was doing, I switched my major to Social Work, with a double major in English. Though I have a deep passion for both majors, Social Work is especially relevant to my life and my calling because of how it teaches people to be empathetic, love and accept people, strive to understand others, and know that each person has individual strengths. Throughout my coursework with individuals, families, groups, and communities, I have come to develop a deeper understanding of life that I never would have dreamt possible. The Social Work program at Messiah College has allowed me to develop powerfully meaningful relationships and examine myself, as well as learn to integrate my faith in my everyday life. In addition, I've had to fulfill program requirements for service, and in doing so, have gained extremely valuable experiences. Even though there are still times when I doubt myself and I don't know what to say or do, I know with absolute certainty that God has called me to be a Social Worker.


Ashley Anderson
I transferred into Messiah my junior year of college, and I can't exactly remember the moment when I decided upon social work; however I can recall looking through the various brochures at the admissions office during orientation. The social work brochure emphasized everything I thought I was looking for at that time. It turns out social work was and is the right major. All I ever knew was my desire to help others and social work has enabled me to do just that. It's been an intense two years of classes and internship opportunities. The knowledge learned in the classroom is immediately transformed into skills and applied at internships. Looking back, my supervisor became my mentor and friends within the program are like family.


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