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Department of Social Work

National Accreditation


The Department recently became re-accredited by the CSWE. This is an honor and a privilege that our school has. Our students that graduate with the BSW degree may then be able to move forward in graduate school and apply for the advanced standing program only needing to complete one year of graduate school. We have now been accredited for several years and are excited about the preparation that each student has upon graduating.


Social Work Academics


During the first semester, social work students take Intro to Social Work, which involves both classroom instruction and service learning. From there, students build upon the introductory foundation in the following semesters. Many social work classes combine hands-on field experience with classroom instruction for a well-rounded education.


Major Requirements

For a list of the social work major's course requirements, visit the college's Online Course Catalog. From here, click Social Work (B.S.W.), and then click on the name of each course for a brief description.


You may also view the Social Work Four Year Plan to see suggestions about what classes are to be taken during which semester.


Additionally, take a look at the Social Work Latest and Greatest, a pdf document which provides an overview of our program.


Human Services Minor

The Social Work Program also offers a Human Services Minor which requires 4 social work courses in addition to other course work. Click to see the Human Services Minor description and course requirement.


Program Evaluation


Messiah College Social Work Department meets or exceeds the Counsel on Social Work Education’s expectations related to accreditation standards. Program evaluation is an important component of meeting accreditation standards and in assuring that the Department is developing competent social workers. The department also has responsibility in providing updates to constituents interested in the evaluation data collected by the Department. The following links provide periodic updates on data collected since the 2008EPAS:  







Note: Course Catalog, Four Year Plan, and The Latest and Greatest include PDF files. Click here for the AdobeĀ® PDF ReaderĀ®




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