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Majors & Concentrations

As a student in the Department of Visual Arts, you will study the best of the past and the present in both art history and studio courses. Your will learn to make connections between what you are studying in your major and in your liberal arts courses and you will develop the ideas and the skills necessary for a mature work as an artist, educator or historian. The Department of Visual arts is pleased to offer the following majors:

BFA & BA in Studio Art

We offer two degrees in studio art; a Bachelor of Arts (BA) which is 57 credits in studio course work and art history and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) which is 78 credits in studio course work and art history. With each major you would choose one of our three concentration areas. This is generally declared during your sophomore review in your second year. It is during your sophomore year that students apply to the BFA program.

BA in Art History

This major combines art history, studio, and other related courses, along with off-campus study and internships, to provide a background for teaching, museum work, and administrative careers in the arts.

BS in Arts Education

The art education degree, a Bachelor of Science (BS), offers the student the same opportunities as a BA studio student with the exception of one course, plus the robust experience of both education and art education course work. Art education student will also choose a concentration during their sophomore year.

BSin Art Business

This degree combines studio and art history course work along side business course. It is design for the student who is interested in positions of art organizations and promotion.

BA in Digital Media

Digital media is an emerging field, and the multi-media communication skills you’ll develop through our core courses for this major will prepare you to meet the growing demand for digital media specialists in a wide variety of fields.

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