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Sophomore Review


All BA, BFA and Art Education majors must go through sophomore review


For Grantham Campus students

During the second semester of your sophomore year.

For transfer students

After they have completed 3 studio courses.

For students who are off campus they're 4th semester

They will be reviewed the following semester.

What to show

At least one piece of work from each studio course you have taken at the college level, but no more than 12 pieces total. You may show digital images of larger works or works that impossible to bring on campus.

Who reviews your work

A panel of the arts faculty typically around 6 or more members

What is the point of the review

The purpose of the review is to give both the faculty and the student a formal time to consider what the student has achieved to this point, what their goals are, and what they need to do in the next two years to strengthen their skills and work towards their goals.

The review also gives the faculty a chance to review the work and the level of achievement within the department and to assess the quality of the program.

The student will receive a written statement of the review along with comments from the panel of faculty.

The students will also receive a numerical rating of Above Average, Average or Below Average. Students with below average ratings will be asked to reconsider their major.

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