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Education Major: with Teaching Certification in Grades 4-8

Education Major: with Teaching Certification in Grades 4-8

Education Grades 4-8 at Messiah College

This Pennsylvania certification program is designed to prepare you for a teaching career in the upper primary, middle, intermediate and junior high school levels.

Whether you would like to teach in a public or private school in the U.S. or abroad, our middle-level education program, with its nine different concentration options in four content areas, will prepare you for success. As student in the middle level degree program, you take introductory and upper level courses in specific content areas, as well as education. This combination of education courses allows you to develop strong content knowledge and teaching skills.

Middle level education major distinctives
Career options for middle level education majors
Internship and teaching opportunities for middle level education majors

Beyond the classroom

There are many exciting opportunities that await you in our Pennsylvania-certified middle-level teaching program, including study abroad and rich field experiences. And, all of your courses at Messiah College are taught by professors who are committed Christians. Our education program will help you grow in your Christian faith while also sharpening your problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Proven success

Our 100 percent pass rate on the Praxis II: Professional Knowledge Exam is just one indication of how well Messiah College prepares students for teaching certification and teaching careers. You’ll graduate ready to use your solid foundation in effective curriculum development; instructional planning, delivery and assessment; and classroom management to help others learn.

Middle level education major distinctives

As a middle level education (grades 4-8) major at Messiah College, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop deep knowledge in a specific content area.
  • Become skilled in the art and methods of the teaching profession.
  • Elect to study abroad to compare education in other cultures.
  • Design and implement instructional plans during your junior year.
  • Transition from student to teacher in your senior year through your full-time, 12-week professional semester as a student teacher.
  • Choose a field experience in one of more than 25 school districts.
  • Create a professional portfolio for potential future employers.
  • Take a May- or January-term (J-term) cross-cultural trip.
  • Apply for four annual scholarships (amounts from $1,000 - $3000) available for seniors.

Career options for middle level education majors

As a graduate of the middle level education program, students are equipped to secure jobs such as:

  • Public or private school teacher
  • Nonprofit human service agency worker
  • Graduate student

Internship and teaching opportunities for middle level education majors

Messiah Colleges place students in a variety of middle level education field placement experiences. A few examples include:

  • Local public school class observations
  • Junior-level field experience designing and implementing instructional plans
  • Senior-year field work in 12-week student teaching experience
  • Education department student work study