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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

What is Service-Learning?

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2013 J-Term Service Trip

Service-Learning provides a way to integrate service and learning within academic programming. 

At Messiah College, students have the opportunity to engage in both curricular service-learning coursework

or co-curricular service-learning. These opportunities are defined as:

Curricular Service-Learning


Curricular service-learning is a type of curriculum that intentionally integrates academic learning with community service. Students participate in an authentic service activity which meets needs identified by the community (designed within the framework of a mutually beneficial relationship) and then they critically reflect on that activity. 


  • Credit-bearing academic course
  • Students gain a deep understanding of course content and a commitment to socially responsible citizenship and civic well-being

Co-Curricular Service-Learning


Co-curricular or Learning-Guided service-learning differs from “community service” because it recognizes that much learning can occur when proper training and reflection is incorporated. Intentionality in purpose, placement, effective service outcomes, and applied holistic learning in relationship with the community partner remains a priority.


  • Noncredit-bearing activity
  • Students, educators, and staff volunteer in a service which meets community need


Service-Learning Coursework offers opportunities to not only receive credit for service, but also to apply classroom education while engaging with the community in a meaningful and helpful way.


For information about service-learning opportunities at Messiah College,

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Questions? Contact Chad Frey
Director for Service-Learning
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