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2007 Agape Staff

Faculty / Staff:
Agapé Center, x.7255

Agape Center Direction and Service-Learning:
Chad Frey
Director of the Agapé Center
Ext. #7218

Pat Olcott
Agapé Center Assistant
Ext. #7255
Position Description

Local Community Service Opportunities:
Rebecca Owen
Local Community Service Director
Ext. #3891
Position Description

National and International Service & Mission Opportunities:
Matt Hunter
National & International Service and Mission Director
Ext. #7235
Position Description

Chris Irvin
Mission Teams Coordinator
Ext. #7255

Nancy Sharpe
Individual Missions Coordinator
Ext. #7255

Offices Located in the Agape Center

Box 3027, Messiah College
One College Avenue
Grantham, PA 17027

Student Staff:

Outreach Teams

Agapé Center, x.5097
Outreach Director : Todd Holtzman
Office Assistant : Meghan Hoover

                                 Vikki Kieffer

Creative Arts Ministries: Tiffany Blackstone

Elder Ministry: Ashley Sharik (position description)
Habitat for Humanity: Lindsay Piker (position description)

Harrisburg Grant: Nakiba Givens
Health & Special Needs: Jessica West
Housing and Development: David Young

Hunger & Homelessness: Courtney Zimmerman (position description)

Latino and Migrant Issue: Esther Cervin and Arelis Perez (position description)
Sustainable Agriculture: Amanda McMillan
Tutoring & Literacy: Derek Leonard (position description)

Youth Mentoring: Jessanna Hall
Youth Ministries: Vanessa Brubaker (position description)

Service Trips: team ministry over breaks
Agapé Center, x.7082
Director: Amanda Pinkerton
Leader Coordinator: Natasha Ferro
Agency Coordinator: position available
Stewardship Coordinator: Elizabeth Daugherty
Participant Coordinator: Farrah Amin
Education Coordinator: position available

Human Rights Awareness
Agapé Center, x.5098
Director: Meghan Donaghue
IJM Coordinator: Jessica Erichsen
Amensty International Coordinator :Cristina Hernandez
World Diseases :Christine Ochieng
Compassion International/Children's Issues Coordinator:Caitlin Schneider

World Christian Fellowship
Agapé Center, x.5098
Director: Stephanie Nitschke
Treasurer: Elizabeth Miller
Fundraising Coordinator: Josh Mackin
Missions Awareness Week: Vienna Vogelezang
Missions Awareness Week: Ashley Kriel
Worship Coordinator: Joseph Fang
Mentoring Groupsr: Alicia Cameron




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