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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Community Partner Resources


Each year, Messiah College takes a day off to serve together as a community in our community. There are many jobs that are left undone for lack of helping hands. Maybe you know of a few! We would like to send a team of volunteers your way on Service Day.


Reciprocal Service:


Even though a team of volunteers may be coming your way to serve on Service Day, we know that you have a lot to offer them through your experience, knowledge and passions. We want Service Day to be reciprocally helpful for you and each volunteer that visits you!


The purpose of Service Day is to:

  • Accomplish - because it is a one-time project involving groups of students and college employees, Service Day is a great opportunity to complete large projects that require a lot of helping hands.
  • Educate - Service Day gives you the chance to "get the word out" about your agency by orienting students to the mission of your agency and the nature of the social problems and issues you address.
  • Motivate - by hosting a group of students for Service Day you are helping us in our mission of challenging students to become regular volunteers at agencies like yours!



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