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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the vision of the S.A.L.T. program at the Harrisburg Institute?

  • S.A.L.T. programming is charged with encouraging residents to practice community life, engage with the city of Harrisburg, and examine their role in society in light of service within it.


Where is the Harrisburg Institute located?

  • The S.A.L.T. House is housed within the Harrisburg Institute.  It is located at 28 Dewberry St, one block away from Strawberry Square, 2nd Street, the Capitol Complex, and other downtown amenities.  The Harrisburg Institute is neighbor to Harrisburg's International House and Harrisburg University.

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How many students live in the S.A.L.T. program?

  • 25 socially-conscious and servant minded students.


What are the apartment arrangements?

  • Students can live in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-person apartments.  All the apartments come fully furnished with beds, desks, bookcases and a couch.  Each apartment also has a kitchen and bathroom.


What is the cost of living at the S.A.L.T. program in Harrisburg?

  • The cost is the same to live in Harrisburg as it is to live in an on-campus apartment.


Do students typically have meal plans?

  • Since students spend much time off campus, many opt not to have a meal plan and instead prepare their own food.  Each apartment comes ready with a refrigerator, oven, and counter space.  Meal plan options are still available for those who desire them.


How can I get between Harrisburg and Messiah's campus?

  • Messiah College operates a Harrisburg shuttle that runs between Harrisburg and Grantham, making it convenient to stay connected to both locations. 


Is there parking for students?

  • Parking is available on site for students.  Additionally, some off-street parking is available.  Many residents decide to use the shuttle during the week and use their cars on the weekends.


How do I find a service placement?

  • The Agape Center's Outreach teams partner with various Community Partners in Harrisburg.  Students are encouraged to work with the Agape Center to find a placement that matches student interests.


Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

  • Please contact Craig Dalen, Harrisburg Institute program manager with additional questions.

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