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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Into the Streets - Community Partner Goals


Into the Streets is a day for you to:


  • Accomplish - Because it is a one-time project involving groups of approximately 18 students each, ITS is a great opportunity to complete large projects that require a lot of helping hands.
  • Educate - ITS gives you the chance to "get the word out" about your agency by orienting students to the mission of your agency and the nature of the social problems and issues you addresses.
  • Motivate - By hosting a group of students for ITS you are helping us in our mission of challenging students to become regular volunteers at agencies like yours!


Here are some things past Community Partners had to say about Into the Streets:

"[ITS] gives us the opportunity to complete special projects that are difficult for the staff to handle alone.”

"It is helping us complete necessary projects.”

"This year’s project enabled us to be fully prepared for our Department of Public Works inspection. Thanks to the students work, we passed the inspection with flying colors.”

"I believe it helps to re-motivate the staff when they see such idealism and enthusiasm. Of course the work the students do is a great benefit.”

"The work done by students assisted us greatly and helped save us money.”