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Community Partner Project Registration


Project Registration

Below is the OLD registration template. Please click here to register for Into the Streets 2011.


Name of Organization:
Description of Organization:
(mission/values/clients etc.)
Contact Person:
Contact Position:
Mailing Address 1:
Mailing Address 2:
Postal Code:
Location Address:
(if different from mailing address)
Phone: Extension
Best way to contact you Phone E-mail
Primary Project Activities:
Description of project and how it will benefit your organization:
Do you have a project in case of rain?
Clothing Requirements:
Is your facility handicap accessible, and would students with disabilities be able to participate?
How many groups would you be willing to host? (Each group consists of 16-18 students) One
Please indicate which time
would be best for you:
(check both if applicable)
Group A 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM (you would be hosting students for lunch if this time is chosen)
Group B 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (students would eat lunch before coming to the project)
Can you provide transportation from Messiah College to your organization and back? Yes No  Maybe
In the past, we have had difficultly with bus navigation; would you be willing to have an employee on the bus that could give directions? Yes No
Additional Comments and Suggestions:
This is a good place to let us know what your ongoing volunteer needs are beyond beyond the one-time ITS project.