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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

The Joshua Farm

Coordinator: Katie Todd


Mission Statement: The Joshua Farm seeks to provide hope and support for at risk youth, primarily through education and vocational opportunities, while providing access for underprivileged families to affordable local organic food.


Brief Description of Organization: The Joshua Farm is an urban farm located on 18th Street in Harrisburg. It is affiliated with Joshua Group, a non-profit Christian organization that intends to aid at-risk youth and employs underprivileged youth from the surrounding area. The farm grew from a vacant lot to a profuse farm and now sells affordable organic vegetables to families in Allison Hill while providing service, vocational and educational opportunities to at-risk youth in the city.


Demographics of Population Being Served: The Farm serves a community of underprivileged people with limited access to sustainably produced food and other educational and employment opportunities.


Expectations for Student Volunteers: Volunteers will help harvest fruits and vegetables to sell at the farm’s biweekly farm market. They will also help run the farm market and prepare the farm for winter.¬† It would also be expected for student volunteers to demonstrate commitment to the program by volunteering on a fairly consistent basis.