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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

What did MLK Day 2013 at Messiah look like?


2013 Theme: "Service advances economic opportunity"


7:45: Breakfast Foods/Drinks available for volunteers


8:00: Pre Reflection Ceremony / Kickoff Event


  • Frey 110
  • Send off from Messiah


The morning started with a pre-reflection with service groups at Messiah College.  From there, participants were transported to John Harris High School for the opening ceremonies of Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

9:15: Opening Ceremony at John Harris High School


  • Park in the two lots adjacent to the building
  • Enter school through Main Entrance on Market Street


10:00: Volunteers Leave for their service sites



From John Harris each group left for their service destinations.  The groups spent their day in service and fellowship with those both within the Messiah community and the Harrisburg area. In 2013, 120 affiliates of Messiah College participated in the Day of Service.

Afternoon: Volunteers return from day of service & reflect

The return time to Messiah depended on the service location. Upon returning to Messiah, each service group spent time together reflecting on their learning and volunteer experience.


Service Sites

The service sites of 2013 included the following:

  • Brethren Housing Association
  • John Harris High School
  • Humane Society Shelter
  • Melrose School
  • Paint the Poles
  • UCP Fulton Street Home
  • UCP Lisburn Road Home


Further Involvement

All groups are invited to attend MLK Jr. Commemoration Week activities. The highlighted event is an alternate chapel with Rev. Samuel “Billy” Kyles who will be discussing his first-hand experience of the MLK assassination.