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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning


Outreach FAQ's

For additional questions, contact Kelsey Kreider at


Students - Interested Volunteers :


I want to Volunteer! How do I get involved?

You can review all of the options Outreach offers here (link to opportunities flier).  Each opportunity has an email that you should use to contact the appropriate Outreach coordinator. They will be able to set you up with a volunteering opportunity that matches your interests and schedule. You can also view this How-To video on signing up for weekly volunteering.



I have to obtain volunteer hours for a class. Does (insert particular opportunity) count?

You need to ask your professor about whether specific opportunities count for class credit.  Once you understand the parameters given to you, an Outreach coordinator can get you set up with a particular organization.


Is there anyone I can speak to in person about the different opportunities?

The best way to learn about different options is to come to our recruiting events.  For the Spring 2014, Snack and Serve is February 5 from 5-7pm in Hitchcock Arena.  Here, all of our organizations will be represented with staff members who would love to answer your questions.  If you’ve missed this date, feel free to stop by the Agape Center anytime from 9-5 or email a particular coordinator to set up a meeting.


How do I get to a service experience?

Outreach coordinates vehicles for all volunteer opportunities.  Each team has 1-2 team leaders who drive the car/van every week/month.   These vehicles are paid for via SGA funds.


Students - Current Volunteers :


How do I know if my particular volunteer experience requires clearances like a criminal background check or child abuse clearance?

Coming to Orientation and Clearance Night, February 10 from 5-7 in Boyer, is the easiest way to learn which, if any, clearances you will need.  You can also look at this chart or email your Outreach coordinator.  Instructions for Criminal Background Checks and child abuse instructions can be found here.


I can’t volunteer today because *insert reason here*.  Who should I inform?

If you cannot go to your volunteer experience on a particular day, please text/email your team leader as soon as you know.  Consistency is very important for our programs, however, so please only miss volunteering for illness, class conflict, or emergencies.

I love volunteering!  Is this something I can participate in next semester?

All of our organizations (barring any emergency) continue to partner with us every semester and every school year.  If you want to participate next semester, email your coordinator so they can keep you on their lists.


Team Leaders :


How do I obtain my Messiah License?

Licensing information can be found here.  If you have any questions, please email


I don’t like the Messiah car and want to drive my own, can I?

As Outreach is an SGA funded organization, Messiah fleet vehicles must be used for all activities.  The only time using your personal vehicle is allowed is if no fleet vehicles are available.  When you use a fleet vehicle, you are covered under Messiah’s insurance, but when you use a personal vehicle, your own insurance is liable for whatever happens.


How do I know when the team is going out?

The Outreach coordinator will be in contact with you letting you know when you have vehicles and when the team will be going out.  Please never hesitate to email your coordinator if you are ever unclear about anything.


How does attendance tracking work?

In Eisenhower, right by reception, there is a desk with a card swiper on it.  Instructions on how to use it are located in a binder next to it.  Please make sure all team members swipe their card using the appropriate code for your organization before you leave campus.  Please do not swipe again on returning to campus.

To check how many hours you have, log on to McSquare and click on Self Service Menu.  Then click on Student Records and then choose Service Transcript.  Scroll all the way down the page for the most recent semester.

If there is ever a discrepancy between what hours you’ve volunteered and what is showing on the transcript, please email your Outreach coordinator with the specific problem.


Professors :


I want my students to earn service hours through Outreach-how do I set this up?

Please email with your specific request and a coordinator will contact you with more information.  Please refer to these requirements (link)

I already have an organization and experience set up for my students, but I want Outreach to  reserve/pay for a vehicle for the students to use. Is that something Outreach does?

Please use this link to sign up for vehicles.  Keep in mind that capacity is very limited.


Outside Organizations :


How do I get Messiah volunteers to come to my organization?

Outreach works with 29 community partners in around a 12 mile radius to Messiah College.  While we do work with some organizations in other towns, our main focus is on Harrisburg.  We strive for long term partnerships, so we cannot fulfill requests for that are only for a few weeks or require only a few students.  If you are interested in receiving regular student volunteers from Outreach for the foreseeable future, please use this link (link to planner) to create an account that will then allow you to submit a proposal to Outreach.

Outreach Resources