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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Service Day Frequently Asked Questions


When is service day?

Thursday, April 10, 2014. There will be no daytime classes on Service Day.

    What about night classes?

Service Day activities will end at 5:00 p.m. Evening classes will be held as usual.

What if it rains?

If Service Day is postponed, classes will be held Thursday, April 10 and Service Day will be held on Tuesday, April 15. Faculty and students should be prepared in case of rain to have classes as usual on April 10. The emergency information hotline (691-6084) and the college website will be the official source of news related to the postponement of Service Day.

What kind of service will Messiah be doing?

Service Day is being planned to complement the Special Olympics games which occur on our campus each year in the Starry Athletic Complex. Approximately 1,200 Messiah participants will assist with Special Olympics. In addition there will be service projects off campus at agencies including local churches, community agencies, and non-profit organizations.

What kind of help is needed for Special Olympics?

There are three main types of volunteers needed: buddies, track and field volunteers, and swimming volunteers. Buddies are assigned an athlete and expected to provide encouragement throughout the day while escorting the athlete to his or her events. Track and field volunteers oversee the different events: races, throwing, and jumping. Swimming volunteers are needed to help run the aquatics events. There will be a lifeguard on duty, so volunteers do not need to have water safety training. There are a limited number of openings for track and swimming events, therefore most volunteers will be utilized as buddies. All volunteers will be needed from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Is Service Day mandatory?

Everyone is welcome and expected to participate in Service Day. While service is not mandatory, all students without prior commitments are expected to participate. Educators and staff are encouraged to participate as their schedule allows; some staff schedules have been shifted and numerous offices will be closed to enable participation. Work-study students should check with their supervisor if their schedule overlaps with Service Day. See Guidelines for further details.

May I plan an off-campus project?

YES! Most off-campus projects will be planned by students, educators and staff who have a relationship with an area agency and take the initiative to plan the details of a project. All projects must be registered and approved with the Agapé Center for Service and Learning by the set deadline. You may register your project using the Project Registration Form found on the Service Day website. If you have any questions, contact the Agapé Center (x7255) for more information.

How are those participating in projects off campus getting to those sites?

Transportation for off campus projects will be arranged by the person coordinating the project. It is our hope that participants in projects off campus will offer the use of their vehicles to transport themselves as well as other participants to the site. If deemed absolutely necessary, a limited amount of college vehicle fleet transportation may be available.

What about students involved in student teaching, nursing clinicals or internships?

Students in programs that require them to be off campus during Service Day are not expected to participate. Off-campus programs have no obligation to alter their schedules to enable students to participate.

What about food?

Food will be provided for all volunteers with Special Olympics. For people serving in community projects, lunch will either be provided by the site or bag lunches will be made available.

May a group or department sign up to serve together?

Yes. Groups wishing to serve together in a community project are encouraged to sign up as a group. To sign up as a group, please have each member of your group register as soon as possible for a currently open project, or create your own closed project for your group members only. You are encouraged to include students, faculty and staff in your group. If you have any questions or changes to your group after registering, please contact us at