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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Service Day - Faculty Resources


Thank-you for visiting the Service Day 2014 website! We are deeply grateful for your support of the Service Day program. As educators, you are uniquely positioned to encourage students to engage in service and learn through their experience. There are a number of ways that you can get involved with this through Service Day:

  1. You can participate in Service Day yourself. Service Day is a great time to get to know students, colleagues and the surrounding community.
  2. You can take time during your class or meetings with students to discuss and reflect with them on their experiences.
  3. You can utilize Service Day as a starting place for incorporating service-learning into your curriculum or co-curricular activities.


Service-Learning refers to a pedagogical model which intentionally integrates academic learning with community service in a credit-bearing academic course. Students participate in an authentic service activity which meets needs identified by the community (designed within the framework of a mutually beneficial relationship) and critically reflect on that activity. Thus, students gain a deep understanding of course content, a commitment to socially responsible citizenship, and develop skills and understanding needed to contribute to civic well-being.*

To the right are some preliminary resources for service learning, including articles and materials for designing a service-learning component to your class. If you would like to know more about how to integrate service-learning into your curriculum, please contact Chad Frey, Director of Service Learning, at x7255.

*Taken from Messiah's Service-Learning website.