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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Service for Chapel Credit

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Where can I do service?

Service for this program is done through one of the Agapé Center's Outreach Teams, which send teams of students to 30+ local community organizations.


2) What is a Team Leader?

As a Team Leader, you would take some leadership of the group of students you volunteer with. This involves driving the group, monitoring attendence records, regularly communicating with the community partner and outreach coordinator, and facilitating reflection discussion with your teammates. Up to two team leaders can be on a specific outreach team per the day of weekly service.


3) What are the benefits of Service for Chapel Credit?

The Service for Chapel Credit program offers new opportunities and flexibility for students outside of the the regular chapels. Students establish meaningful relationships with community partner organizations through their weekly dedication.  Furthermore, team leaders cultivate the discussions of Christian service-learning as they work alongside their peers.


4) What are the requirements?

  • Messiah College approved license
  • 1 orientation chapel
  • A minimum of 18 hours of service in one particular Outreach team per semester (around 8-10 site visits) as a Team Leader
    • If a student is sick or needs to miss a visit, it is their responsibility to find a replacement to drive. If they cannot, they need to let the CP, team coordinator, and Kathy Gates know as soon as possible.
  • 1 debrief Chapel


5) How do I sign up for Service for Chapel Credit?

Students who meet these requirements can come into the Agape Center during the following times:

September 9th-11th: 8:30am-5pm in the Agape Center


There will be a signup sheet at the front desk.  There is a limit to two team leaders per Outreach team per day. Signup is on a first come, first serve basis.


6) What happens if I miss a site visit?

If you are sick or need to miss a visit, it is your responsibility to find a replacement driver and team leader to initiate reflection discussions. In addition, it is your responsibility to let the community partner, Outreach Coordinator, and Kathy Gates know as soon as possible.


7) What happens if I miss one of the chapels?

Orientation and debriefing chapels are mandatory. If you cannot attend due to an approved and prearranged event, contact the Program Manager for a make-up assignment as soon as possible.


8) What if I decide not to do Service for Chapel after I've started?

If you decide to withdraw from the program, you must inform the Program Manager within two weeks of the orientation chapel.


9) What if I don't complete all of the requirements?

You will be placed on Chapel Probation and will incur the appropriate consequences as per the
Messiah Chapel Probation Policy.




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