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Special Olympics



The Area M Special Olympics is hosted on Messiah College's campus each year on Service Day. Over 1,000 Special Olympic athletes will travel to Starry Fields after months of preparation and training for their track and field events! Even if they're too young to participate in the games, children with special needs will come to enjoy the Olympic Village!


Special Olympics Buddies

Each athlete will need a buddy for the day! This person will be paired up with an Olympian the morning of the games and will guide them through their events that day until they get on their bus to go back to school.

specialolympicsGenerally, as a buddy you will...

  • Make sure your athlete is prepared for his/her events
  • Lead your athlete to their event location on time to compete
  • Celebrate your athlete's participation and effort
  • Hang out and have fun over lunch (provided) and at the Olympic Village


Time Commitment

A Special Olympics Buddy should report to Starry Fields on Messiah College's campus between 8-8:30am and will be released once his/her athlete is in the care of their sending school or parents to go home after lunch (usually by 1:30pm).



To sign up for the various volunteer opportunities for Special Olympics, click HERE.


Required Training Sessions

Messiah Training : April 9th, 6:00 p.m. in Brubaker Auditorium
Community Training : April 10th, 6:30 p.m. in Frey 110


Special Buddies Training Material






Special Olympics Training Info

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Track and Field Buddy Information

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