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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Student Reflections on Living at the S.A.L.T. House

SALT residences


  • "The SALT house is a good transition from dorm life to life after college. As a result of living in the house I am able to envision what living in an intentional community may look like. It is teaching me to balance my values of service, relationships, hard work, with the daily tasks of cooking and cleaning."
  • “Harrisburg has a lot to offer and being here really changed my actions and what I did with my time.  I was more involved off campus in the past two years. I enjoyed using what I learned on campus and going out and using it.”
  • “This past year it has been great to be involved with the mayor, and attend other programs and opportunities in the city. I have really enjoyed the exposure the institute has helped to foster. I like the choice to be involved in these outside activities.”
  • “I love that you meet a diverse group of people in communities like HBG, people you might not normally hang out with on campus. I also like how it's a relaxed setting.”
  • “Living at the SALT house I am constantly replenished. My personal passions are kindled by the complementary passions of the wonderful people with whom I live. It seems so right to senselessly giggle and gravely discuss with the same people, and there is something immensely comforting about sitting down to dinner with those with whom I have served earlier that day.  In other words, I’ve found that the SALT community, in which we both live and serve alongside each other, provides me with the support I find so vital to nurturing passion, concern, and hope.”
  • “It was nice having the community dinners. I liked it when everyone was together.”
  • “I enjoyed the city and the growth that was able to happen in me from still being a part of Messiah main campus yet having an outlet off campus to grow and be in".
  • “I think there are a lot of opportunities to live out many of the goals and mission statements of the college and our Christian faith here. You are not just learning about community, service, love for your neighbor, grace, other cultures, but you are able to live and be among these choices daily.”
  • “I recommend it to anyone interning or student teaching. I think it is ideal in the transition between college living and living on one's own...also, for students who may not feel comfortable living on campus anymore”



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