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Latino and Migrant Partnerships

Coordinator: Arelis Perez


Center for Education, Employment and Entrepreneurial Development


English Classes

These are adult English classes for people in the neighborhood  that have moved here from other countries and need to learn/ improve their English speaking skills. They come from many different countries, not all Hispanic. Beginner classes are larger (15 -20 students) and are on Tues/Thurs from 9:30am - noon or 6-8pm. Intermediate classes are smaller (5-10 students) and are on Mon/Wed from 9:30am - noon or 6-8pm. We usually go to the night classes, leaving at 5:30pm from the Circle and returning at 8:30pm.

Beginner ESL Classes

Help migrant workers, their families, and other adults learn English by assisting classes. No Spanish skills are necessary. The teacher, Monica, will have lessons prepared and can go over each one with you before class so you know what to do. You may be as involved as you would like in teaching the class. Approximately 30 students attend, and there may be the optiion of helping watch children that come to the class as well. Choose one night to help each wek. Tue and Thu 6-8pm.


Intermediate ESL Classes

These classes are for adult students who have become more proficient int their English skills, but still need to learn more. The focus is more on grammar and usage rather than vocabulary. There are approximately 10-15 students that attend regularly. Helping in this class involves practicing conversational skills and assisting with projects that Monica is doing with them. Choose one nights to volunteer each week: Mon & Wed 6-8pm.


Dance Classes

info to come soon!

Pictures to come


(Greater Access to Independence for Newcomers)

Mission and Overview

GAIN is a program started by the Intstitute for Cultural Partnerships. The Institute for Cultural Partnerships is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help individuals and communities successfully live, learn, and work in our increasingly diverse society. The Institute focuses on helping people understand their own culture, understand others, develop positive inter-group relations, and build strong communities.

South Central Pennsylvania has seen a substanital  growth in its refugee and other foreign born populations over the past ten years. Refugees are untapped resources in their communities. They bring with them education, training, and experience from their countries of origin. They are ager to work and driven to succeed. They find, however, that lack of experience in the American owrkplace and lack of credentiaols recognized by U.S. employers create obstacles to obtaining even entry levl positions in their field.

Employers have experienced the benefits of refugees as enthusiastic workers. They recognized that the skilld, experience, and motivation of newcomers are potentials assets to the growth of their organization. They believe in the vital importance of diversity in the workplace. Yet cultural, linguistic, and training barriers hinder them from making the most of this ready, able workforce.

GAIN works with specific and individual need of clients and employeers in creating a plan to overcome barrier. It draw upon five key employment strategies whichengage area employers and training facilities to match refugees with availeble job vacancies: 1) An innovative job coaching program using both staff and volunteer resources; 2) Customized on-the-job training designed by participating employers for refugee workers; 3) Technical school based, short-term training to prepare eligible refugees for available employment opportunities; 4) Customized skills credentialing services for occupations need in the region; 5) Customized on-the-job site VESL classes designed with employer cost sharinf the attendance incentive for reugees.


Volunteer Information

Do you have a desire to help empower reugees and migrants in finding employment which utilizes their skills and talents? If you are comrtable working with persons of different race, background, religion, and ages, then please contact us for more information. Basic experience in writing resumes, filling out job applications, searching job classifications, and interview skills are beneficial, but a loving servant's heart is essential!

Migrant Student Retreat


Migrant Education Mentoring

Migrant Education Mentors

For this program, you would get the name and address of a student in the Chambersburg area and we would try to arrange it so that you could go visit the family at least once a month. We would also have organized each month to get together as a whole group, just for fun and to build relationships with them. These activities would usually be on weekends, or whenever we can all find time. The group activities would be paid for by the college as well as transportation for you to visit the family, if you choose to drive a college vehicle.

Pre-College Club

Pre-Collge Club workshops held at Messiah. Monthly for a couple hours one day a month. 10-15 students. Workshops to help prepare for college and fun activities. Volunteers help lead workshops and build frienships with the kids (go to sports event.campus movie, etc)

Volunteering Information

     - Have the opportunity to be a positive influence in the life of a middle school studnt from Chambursburg

    - Mentoe and encourage him or her in their schooling and lives

     You will be provided with the students contact info and expected to be a personal relationship with them.

     -This is not a very big committment as hte requirements are to call and talk to them once a week and be apart of monthly student/mentor gathering at Messiah (all events free)

     -Help us meet our goal of finding 30 mentors


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