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Schaffner Youth Detention Center

About 60+ youth live at the Schaffner Juvenile Detention Center in Harrisburg, PA. They reside in two different sections of the center. The first being: "The Pods." The second being: "The Shelter." Pods houses the youth who have been involved in heavy crimes. They live in a high security environment. The Shelter offers a less harsh living environment for trouble youth, without the need for high security. Many of the children and youth come from torn homes, needing attention and care. Some of these kids possess very little hope for the future and their family's future.

The Messiah students who visit Schaffner quickly become some of the kids’ favorite visitors. As we arrive at Schaffner we sign in and decide whether or not to split up to visit both the Pods and the Shelter, or just one or the other. Once in the Pods or Shelter, we play a few games with the kids and have Bible study and small group prayer sessions. You will not only touch the lives of these kids, but many of them will make a lasting impact upon you as well, as you hear the challenges and highlights of their lives!

Volunteer Info
The team visits young people in juvenile prison weekly to lead a Bible study and to show them the love of Christ. Trips leave Eisenhower Circle on Thursdays at 5:15pm and return around 7:30pm.

• 87% of current delinquents have a parent or sibling
in jail, and many of these kids have their own
kids at home. The cycle of violence makes "being
good" seem impossible, and kids find themselves
in prison again and again.
• If recent incarceration rates remain unchanged, an
estimated 1 out of every 20 persons (5.1%) will
serve time in a prison during their lifetime." US
Dept. of Justice




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