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Service Day


Current Project Descriptions

This page is designed to help you find a Service Day project.  Read over the descriptions below and register for your preference -- we say preference because we will try our best to place you in the project of your choosing, but ask for your understanding and accomodation if that project fills up and we need to redirect your registration.   If you would like to create your own project, check out our Project Planning Info.

Students serving at Joshua Farm



2013 Projects:

This list is subject to change throughout the registration process.  Please e-mail if you have any questions.




Boy Scouts of America To improve camp facilities with a fresh coat of paint. Projects subject to change based on weather conditions and material availability. Please wear painting clothes. Volunteers will work from 9-3.

Caitlin’s Smiles

Caitlins Smiles is a non-profit organization dedicated to putting smiles on the faces of children with chronic or life-threatening diseases by encouraging them to focus on creative arts activities that boost their confidence and self-worth. For this project, volunteers will be preparing various art and craft kits for children. The completed kits are then distributed to children in hospitals across the country. No artistic talent is needed - materials and directions are provided. This project will be located in Fellowship Hall, in the basement of Hostetter Chapel.

Carlisle Parks and Recreation Department

Providing a clean-up for Fort LeTort, a large wooden structure in LeTort Park, Carlisle. Students will spead mulch, paint, sweep, install pickets, clean donor boards, rake leaves, pull weeds. Please wear work clothes. Volunteers will work from 8:30 am-2:30 pm

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Students will pack either ElderShare boxes or mixed grocery boxes. ElderShare is a program that distributes a supplemental food box to nearly 5,000 income-eligible seniors each month across central Pennsylvania. Mixed grocery boxes are assorted product boxes that are distributed to our partner agencies (soup kitchens, pantries, shelters) and used as inventory to stock their shelves or serve their clients. please wear casual clothes. Volunteers will work from 1:30-3:30.

Cumberland Crossings

We will have the students spend time with residents and help with outside projects. The students will assist with outdoor projects..i.e. running power washers, prepping the project share garden, and spending one on one time with residents. Please wear work clothes.

Derry Presbyterian

Some outdoor gardening work, kitchen clean up, and polishing of hand bells in music room. Please wear work clothes. Volunteers will work from 10am-3pm.

Doubling Gap Center

Students will most likely be serving outdoors and doing light landscaping to prepare the facility for its upcoming camping season. Please wear work clothes. Volunteers will work from 9am-4pm.

Freedom Valley Church: Spring Outdoor Maintenance

Purpose is to do outdoor maintenance and care for the building and facility to get it ready for the warmer weather. Primary goal will be to spread mulch in the play ground and landscape areas, as well as, doing regular maintenance on the equipment to get it ready for the children to use. There may also be painting of equipment and power washing jobs. Indoor jobs will be found if there is inclement weather. Volunteers should dress for the weather and be prepared to work outside and possibly get dirty; please wear comfortable shoes that can get dirty. Volunteers will work from 9am-3pm.

Friends of Midland Restoration and preservation of Midland Cemetery by raking, mowing and trimming of landscape. Some areas of trees may need to be cut down and brush moved to pick up location on the property. Repair headstones as needed and repair and stain fencing. Place mulch and plant flowers at designated areas. Please wear work clothes. Lunch will be provided (probably subs with chip assortment). Please wear heavy duty work clothes. Volunteers will work from 9am-2pm.
Friendship Center Assist park staff in preparing landscaped gardens for mulching. Work will consist of weeding, debris removal, and mulching. Please wear work clothes. Soda, water, chips, and sandwich wraps will be provided. Volunteers will work from 11:30-3:30
GUI GUI is a nonprofit organization that serves the neighborhoods of Harrisburg PA by assisting to build, educate and maintain Urban Gardens. Currently we have 3 and are opening two new gardens in Uptown Harrisburg. We are receiving free paint from Habitat for Humanity and will be paining all of the garden boxes at 3 locations. Nothing fancy just wood boxes that will be brightly painted. We also may be building some boxes at one of the new gardens. Please wear paint clothes. Volunteers will work from 10-2

Hampden Elemetary (CV School District)

Spring clean-up and mulching of the Hampden Elementary School garden perennial beds and vegetable garden. Green Team students will plant spring vegetables after garden is prepped by college students. Please wear work clothes. Volunteers will work from 9-3 pm.

Humane Society

Weather permitting, students will do general grounds keeping at our shelter. This will involve mulching, weeding, and general post-winter clean-up/spring preparation. If the weather is not conducive, students will do indoor cleaning chores, including washing dog/cat bowls & litter boxes. Please wear work clothes. Volunteers will work from 9-3 pm.

New Cumberland First Church of God

We enjoy Service Day with Messiah students as a time to fellowship and work with students and faculty. There are two different types of service areas at the church- inside we will be dusting, polishing, window washing and general cleanup. Outside we hope to clean up some yards, walk the nearby streets for trash cleanup, paint some neighboring porches, and have some prayer walk groups. Please wear casual clothes. Meat and cheese for sandwiches, pb&j for sandwiches, fruit and cookies, and drinks will be provided. Volunteers will work from 9-4.

Operation Wildcat: Mechanicsburg School District

Volunteers will be working with Project Clothing whose purpose is to supply clothing items for students and families in need. Volunteers will be lifting, bending, hanging and folding clothes. Please wear casual clothes. Volunteers will work from 9-3 pm.

Project Share

Helping distribute food, sorting and bagging food, and potentially planting in our garden. Please wear casual clothes. Volunteers will work from 8:30-4

Social Work Prayer Shawl Ministry Knitting and crocheting prayer shawls and pocket prayer shawls; also making knot-tied blankets and filling night-time bags to give to children residing in shelters in the area. No prior skills necessary. We will teach anyone who wants to learn. Please wear casual clothes. Volunteers will work from 9-2
The Civic Club of Harrisburg The purpose of the project is to maintain a historic building and grounds. We will work in the garden and in the building. The garden work will consist of winter clean up, composting and mulching, weather permitting. Interior work will consist of window washing, washing wood paneling and removing things from the attic. Wear heavy duty work clothes. Hot lunch provided. Volunteers will work from 8-5.
West Shore Evangelical Free Church We typically have multiple projects, both indoor and out, to aid our community ministries. The goal is to accomplish projects that are difficult for us to get to at current staffing & volunteer levels and that can give ministry insights to college students. Projects include tasks such as: organizing children's curriculum items, custodial and grounds keeping tasks, setup for our caring closet outreach and preparing materials for our April 20th community outreach - Life-Giving Saturday. Please wear work clothes. Volunteers will work from 11:30-4.
Williams Grove Historical Steam Association Students will assist the Williams Grove Railroad crew in assembling a new section of track at the end of our line. Volunteers will be moving ties and rails, as well as shoveling stone and spiking ties. Please wear work clothes. Volunteers will work from 8:45/9-1:30/2.






American Foundation for Children with AIDS

AFCA has a warehouse in Lebanon, PA. We collect surplus medical supplies from local hospitals and other facilities and store them in our warehouse until we have enough to fill a cargo container. We send the container across the ocean to our partner clinics in Africa, where they desperately need these medical supplies to save lives and improve the quality of life for many. On April 18, students will be busy in our warehouse sorting medical supplies, packing boxes of medical equipment, and moving hospitals beds, IV poles, and other items to prepare for an upcoming loading of a cargo container. There will be a variety of jobs for volunteers, ranging from moving heavy items, to much less physically demanding tasks. Dress much like you would to help someone move. Students will volunteer from 10-2.

Bookshare Bookshare serves people with blindness and other visual impairment, by producing audio recordings of books. When a high school or college student who is visually impaired needs an audio version of a textbook, the professional voice recorders often have difficulty understanding the meaning of images in the text, particularly texts in the science fields. Bookshare asks for volunteers to write descriptions of images that professional recorders can read. In this Service Day project, volunteers will create an online account and write short descriptions of images in high school and college level textbooks. Each student may choose the field & books he/she works on. No prior experience is assumed. Volunteers should bring a laptop computer or ipad. Volunteers will work from 9 am -12

Carlisle Family YMCA

Maintenance Employees will be building a room onto a pavilion to be used for sports storage, placing a metal roof and walls onto an unfinished pavilion, and wiring new electric switches into the lights at the Masland Pavilion. As time permits maintenance staff will be performing general maintenance and repair jobs through out camp. Please wear work clothes.

Messiah College Alumni Project

Messiah College alumni are invited back on Service Day to give back to their alma mater! Alumni who participate in this on campus project on service day will help maintain the beauty and function of the campus by taking part in a painting project in Hostetter Chapel. Please wear paint clothes. Volunteers will work from 9-2 pm.

Messiah College Lunch Packing

Alumni are invited back to make sandwiches, pack lunches, and assist with other projects related to Service Day 2013. Please wear casual clothes. Volunteers will work from 9-12.

Messiah Lifeways at Messiah Village

The Messiah Village Asper Special Care Neighborhood is home to 53 residents struggling with various degrees of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The residents greatly benefit and enjoy spending time outdoors during the spring months but the fact that many of them are wheelchair bound makes taking a large amount of residents outside a logistical challenge. We are looking for students to help transport our residents outside for a picnic lunch. We will provide the food and you will provide the means to make it happen! You will be helpting to transport residents outside, helping to serve food and spending time to sit and talk with the residents. This service project will be between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm and a free picnic lunch will be provided. The more the merrier!

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

Clean up debris, trim hedges cut grass, clean parking lot, sweep sidewalks, pick up trash and general outside maintenance. Please bring cleaning supplies as needed. Volunteers will work from 8-3pm.

The Silence of Mary Home To make repairs and improvements to our new home to get it ready for family members to move in.