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Agape Center for Service and Learning

Service Day


Off Campus Projects

Students servingHere's a great opportunity to get off campus and get to know the treasures and challenges of your community! Projects can be planned through the Agape Center, or you can put your own idea into action by planning your own project by partnering with an church, organization or non-profit you would like to work with for the day.


April 18th - Service Day!


To register for an off-campus project, fill out the registration form.



Open Projects: If you're not the planning type, but want to serve off campus, view the list of project descriptions to see where you want to go!

Team Leaders are needed for Open Projects...are you interested?  Here is generally what a Team Leader will be responsible for:student serving

  • Check in (by phone) with the organization you'll be serving with for any last minute details the week before Service Day
  • Coordinate transportation (often using personal vehicles of participants - you do not need to own a vehicle yourself)
  • Communicate project info to your team (names and details provided by Agape Center)
  • Pick a place for departure and communicate that to the team
  • Take attendance for your team that day
  • Pick up lunches that morning (if applicable)