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Agape Center for Service and Learning

Service Day


How to Plan a Service Day Project

Click here for a brief outline of what you should be thinking about in planning your project. Also, review the guidelines below!


Project Guidelines


Service Day Locations

Locations will include programs which are church related as well as secular, governmental and private, rural and urban. The following criteria will be used to select service sites.

  • The activity will provide both a needed service for the agency and a meaningful experience for participants.
  • The mission and approach of the agency is consistent with the philosophy of Messiah College.
  • The assignments provide opportunity for participants to interact with local people (where possible).
  • The agency has a signed Memo of Understanding with Messiah College’s Agape Center.
  • The organization can provide strong local coordination and supervision.


Memo of Understanding

Please review the Messiah College Memo of Understanding for Service Day before registering your project to review the expectations of each party. Have your partnering organization sign and mail or fax to the location below. You may continue to submit your registration on-line (here) in the mean time.

Agape Center
P.O. Box 3027
Attn: Service Day
One College Ave.
Grantham, PA 17027

Phone: (717) 796-1800 Ext. 7255
Fax: 717.796.5221



Where possible, please include a learning component to your service project. This might include an introduction to the purpose and program of your agency, an introduction to the needs your agency serves, an introduction to the community, or other educational components.



Activities should be organized to begin after 8:00 a.m. and end by 4:00 p.m. We recommend that service projects extend between 3-5 hours.



In the event of rain or inclement weather, Service Day will be held on Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Please call the Messiah College hotline (717.691.6084) after 6:30am the morning of Service Day to hear if it has been rescheduled, or visit



Transportation will be coordinated by the College and will include College vehicles and private cars of participating volunteers. However, if your organization would like to provide transportation, please indicate that on your registration form.



Please indicate on your registration form whether or not your organization will provide lunch for your volunteer team. If you will not be providing lunch, click "bagged lunch" so that we know to prepare these for your team. The Team Leader will be responsible for picking up the team's lunches before leaving campus the morning of your project.


Service TeamLeadership

The Team Leader position is really simple, but Service Day can’t function very smoothly without having one for each team that goes out! Below are the simple Team Leader responsibilities:


  • Be the main contact for your team to the Agape Center
  • Contact your partnering organization as the day approaches to confirm details
  • Email your team the updates you get from the Agape Center concerning your project
  • Help facilitate transportation for your team (you do not need to drive, just figure out who will)
  • Establish a meeting place for departure
  • Pick up lunches for your team that morning, if applicable


If you have questions, please contact the Agape Center at 717.856.1800 x7255 or email!