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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning


"Learning with our Head, Hands, and Heart "


About the Conference


The Faith-Based Service-Learning Conference is a unique conference focusing on critical issues for service-learning at faith-based colleges and universities.

Service-learning at faith-based colleges and universities gives students opportunities to bring together what academia often separates:


  • Academic Knowledge
  • Community Service
  • Social and Civic Responsibility
  • Personal Growth
  • Theological Reflection
  • Spirituality


While many faith-based colleges have strong service-learning programs, there are many others who want to develop new programs or strengthen programs that already exist. Other institutions want to move from strong community volunteer service programs to academically-based service-learning.

Conference discussions will include particular strengths that faith-based programs bring to service-learning and will focus on community engagement from an asset-based perspective.  Program participants will share model programs and best practices of developing effective community partnerships.  Particular attention will be given to spirituality as both a motivation and a result of participation in service. The conference will be structured to include conceptual presentations and to facilitate conversations and sharing among participants through roundtable breakout sessions.