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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Team Missions: Past Spring Break Trips

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Agape Center Staff



"Eighteen people, one purpose, one body of Christ, many gifts, One. I am continually astounded at how God can take 18 people, who are sleep deprived, and mold them into one. God was our strength, our purpose, our life; no less. To be part of a team like this has forever changed my life.

- Chris Hanusa

Unity Missions Trip


"God works in amazing ways, and it was evident on this missions trip to N. Ireland. From the beginning, we could see God working through the team dynamics, fundraising, the trip over and back, and all the wonderful people we encountered in N. Ireland. God used us to reach many of the local youth whether it be through Scripture Unions, Assemblies, or even a friendly football game of the Americans verse the Northern Irish. Through it all, God was present, and He was made real to the youth of Northern Ireland by our actions and words."

- Ali Carney



"It is beyond the words I posses or the words my team has expressed to describe our experience in Northern Ireland. We stepped out in faith and love and God met us where our strength failed, pushing us to even greater things for Him. I have been imprinted forever by the response of the kids we met. Praise God for His power to bring His people together, send them, and use them in unforgettable ways. He is mighty!"

-Nona (Nan) Bitner


"I can't help but recommend this trip to everyone I come in contact with. It is shocking to see how much the children of Northern Ireland need to see the Lord. It was an experience of a lifetime that I would never trade in. It was wonderful to share God's love during the day and then dive into it in the evening with fellow children of God. The friendships that were built are everlasting."

- Lauren D'Aquino