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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Summer International Trips


International Missions Coordinator: Luisa Garcia



Food For the Hungry

Messiah College is engaging in a community partnership with Rodeo, Bolivia, which was made possible through the Food for the Hungry Community to Community (C2C) program. The C2C program involves creating long-term (3+ years) relationships between communities in the developing world and American churches or colleges. Stateside partners (such as Messiah College) go on short-term mission trips, sponsor children, pray, receive regular updates and educate their congregation with a Biblical view of poverty. By getting personally involved with the poor, stateside partners are able to see and experience the transformation that comes from a strong relationship. The relationship with Rodeo, Messiah’s C2C partner, has begun with multiple points of engagement.  In 2009, Messiah alum Chris Putnam interned with Food for the Hungry in Bolivia to develop the relationship, and he has stayed on at a school there. Biology professor Erik Lindquist and his family have also spent a year in Bolivia on sabbatical to help with community-based research and educational initiatives for FH.






This team partners with FH in their mission "to walk with churches, leaders and families in overcoming all forms of human poverty by living in healthy relationship with God and His creation."


This trip wil explore sustainable agriculture projects and economic justice issues in the community.






Rodeo, Bolivia

Students serve and learn in Rodeo, Bolivia, the site of Messiah College's Community to Community (C2C) partner. Participants may have an opportunity to meet their sponsor child, and continue several water and library projects that past teams have begun.


The Rodeo, Bolivia team says, "Thank You".