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Northern Ireland


International Missions Coordinator: Carol Zook








The Northern Ireland team serves at Lurgan Jr. High School to build relationships with youth in an area greatly divided by Protestant and Catholic rivalries. Messiah College students model Christ's love and reconciliation.



Trip Mission:
  • Outreach and relationship building with the youth
  • Outreach and Sharing Christ in schools
  • Modeling ecumenism and reconciliation



In the News:

PennLive reports on the MLK Peace Wall and service involvement


The following came across the European News wire. It mentions Messiah College and features Lurgan Jr. High School where we send spring break service-learning teams each year. We will also be offering a N. Ireland cross cultural course in partnership with LJHS during May Term. 






O'Dowd visits TV studio at Lurgan Junior High School


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ireland2THURSDAY - February, 9th 2012. The Northern Ireland Executive has issued the following press release: Education Minister, John O'Dowd, has visited Lurgan Junior High School and viewed the innovative use of ICT there. Speaking following the visit, the Minister said: "I welcome the opportunity to view this exciting facility and receive a demonstration of the work being done there. It is clear that the school is nurturing the creative talents of its pupils and increasing their confidence and social skills through the use of multimedia. "I understand that the school is well known for its development of school TV broadcasting and has worked in closeconjunction with other schools and the media.ireland This has enabled pupils to develop a range of communication skills and helped build strong linkswith schools and universities at home and abroad." The school workedclosely with Messiah College University, Pennsylvania and Notre Dame University, Indiana. Both universities send teams of students over annually to work with Lurgan Junior High on their TV project. Concluding, the Minister said: "The school is advanced in their e-learning capability and is energetic in providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities for pupils. I commend the work of the teachers whose passion and enthusiasm are bringing subjects to life for their pupils." --European Union News--

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If you would be interested in, or would like to learn more about either spring break or May term service-learning experiences in N. Ireland please contact the Agape Center at ext. 7255.




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