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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Service-Learning Resources - Agapé Staff


Front Office Resources

Contact: Angie Yong, Office Assistant


Treasurer Resources

Contact: Jonathan Redding , Agape Center Treasurer


Outreach Teams Resources

Contact: Kelsey Kreider, Outreach Teams Director


Agapé Resources



Saving PDF Forms

Option 1

Click your Browser's 'File' tab > Print... > Change the destination to "Save As PDF" > Click Print


Option 2 (If "Save As PDF" Option is Unavailable)

Click your Browser's 'File' tab > Print... > Change the destination to "CutePDF Writer" > Click Print.


Instead of printing out paper a save as PDF box will pop up and save it to the appropriate location. It is important to keep in mind once you save this you will not be able to go back in and change anything.  So make sure that everything is correct before saving. When you are done saving the form, please send it to the appropriate staff member for approval.



Request for Reimbursements and Request for Payments

Just to get everyone on the same page if someone paid money for something and needs to be reimbursed for it they can use the request for reimbursement form. If someone needs to be paid by the college, for example a speaker, you use the request for payment form. Both of these forms are attached. You need some form a of a receipt for both of these forms. If you bought something use the actually receipt, if it is for driving and mileage reimbursement use Google maps, a speaker the agreement form, etc. In order to receive the money you must send me the form plus the receipt via email that way I can send it to the appropriate office to have it processed. If you have physical papers scan then and after wards send them to me. That would be greatly appreciated. Just a reminder if a speaker needs to be paid on the day of, the forms need to be sent to me at least two weeks in advance. If not I am sorry we will have to mail them their check. Along with this just for your info, if someone is getting reimbursed it generally takes around 2 or so weeks to get the money. Reimbursements will be picked up at the top of the union if it is under $100. If it is more than that, it will be directly deposited or sent to your address if you do not have direct deposit. 



Miscellaneous Forms

If you are ever looking for some other kinds of form, they are probably located in the M:Drive. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you might consider sending an email to one of the following staff members: