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  Human Rights Awareness

human rights awareness, messiah college


              Human Rights Awareness (HRA) is a new student-led coalition formed out of the Agapé Center

                         that combines four human rights groups on campus to 1) shed light on the many

                                human rights abuses around the world and 2) do something about them.


                                                                         Our four sub-groups are:


                                                                                              Amnesty International  


                                                                                              Children's Issues

                                                                                              International Justice Mission


                                                                                              World Diseases



                                     Please click on each sub-group's name to learn more about them and the issues they focus on.

                            For a general information sheet about Human Rights Awareness (updated Fall 2008), please click here.


                           Fall 2008 news:

art music justice tour 2008

                                   Human Rights Awareness was excited to hear that SAB secured the arrival of the Art*Music*Justice Tour to come to Messiah College. This tour, featuring talented Christian artists Sara Groves, Brandon Heath, Derek Webb (formally of Caedmon's Call), Sandra McCracken, and Charlie Peacock, benefits the International Justice Mission and Food for the Hungry. We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring more awareness to the human rights issues both IJM and FH deal with, and hope and pray that this event will be entertaining, educational, and inspiring for everyone who  attends.


                                  Date: Saturday, October 4, 2008

                                  Time: 7pm (doors open at 6pm)

                                  Place: Brubaker Auditorium, Messiah College

                                  Ticket Info: $5 Student, $10 General Admission. Tickets are on sale now                                                     and can be purchased at the Messiah College Ticket Office                                                    (800-965-9324) or online at (please note:                                                     student tickets are not available for purchase                                                                               online and all online orders are charged a service fee).

 According to Sara Grove's online press release, the tour is "a unique concert opportunity to 'add to the beauty, seek justice and give God praise,' desiring to further educate the church on God's heart for justice, gain advocates for the oppressed, and show evidence of a God at work in this world. Each evening will bring inspired music and stories of God's people in action and their heroic experiences across the globe. Incredible stories of rescue from the International Justice Mission will be told, while giving audience members the opportunity to be involved in Groves 'adopted' village in Rwanda thru Food for the Hungry."


Human Rights Awareness Contact:

Heather Cotignola, HRA Director


Messiah College | One College Avenue | Mechanicsburg PA 17055 | 717-766-2511
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