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Individual Mission Timeline

This timeline is simply a suggestion of a way to break down the steps for preparing for a service & mission trip. If you feel behind, don't worry! There are lots of ways to go about it. Here's just a timeline to keep you thinking.

Look for an agency or team that interests you. Talk with representatives and leaders. Find out their philosophy of short-term service & mission, expectations, application process, details, costs, etc.
Messiah Team Info Night
Mission Awareness Week with agency reps on campus. This is a great opportunity to focus your interests!
Registration: sign up for the Service-Learning course (if this fits your interests).
Complete the application form & interview process with the agency.
Winter break: talk about your plans at home with your family or home church.
Continue process with agency.  Where are you going, dates, logistics, etc. Begin financial support planning. Fill out application forms for aid, compile a preliminary list of people to send support to, etc.
Individuals finalize plans with agency.
Scholarship/grant applications due February 15th!
Need help with support letters? Drop them off at the Agapé Center and someone will be glad to read them and provide feedback.
Send out your support letters
Summer Mission Grant Recipients notified
Spring Break! Meet and talk with your home church and potential supporters.
write thank-you's, follow-up phoning, travel documents
Summer Service & Mission Weekend Retreat: Messiah Teams, Grant Recipients, Service-Learning Class, & Individuals.
Scholarship checks mailed to sending agency
Final Exams and Goodbyes!
June - August
Have a growing Summer Service & Mission Experience
Debrief/Re-entry Retreat for Messiah Teams, Grant/Scholarship Recipients, Service-Learning Class & Individuals
Faith in Action chapel

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