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Information for our 2009 Spring Break and Summer Mission Trips coming soon...

Tanzania 2007

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The Messiah College Agapé Center sent Service and Mission Teams

to the following international locations in 2008:

Spring Break

Northern Ireland

El Salvador



Dominican Republic



Trip Length:
The length of time the teams spend in-country ranges from two to ten weeks. The longer trips, because they require more experience and endurance of the team members, are usually made up of 5-7 students. Two week trips can range from 8-15 team members.

Team Prep:
The selection process takes place during the fall semester so that the spring semester can be spent in preparation. Through weekly team meetings, team fundraising, team building activities, and weekend retreats the teams not only prepare spiritually, culturally, and socially for their time abroad, but they also cultivate long-lasting, meaningful relationships with fellow teammates.


Team members must be committed to their teams, flexible, team-oriented, and willing to learn from God and others.

It is our hope that as students experience this type of service they will not only learn more about themselves, the culture, and the people of another country, but they will also desire to intergrate their experience into a lifestyle of service to God.


Questions and concerns may be sent to Chris Irvin Mission Teams Coordinator.


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