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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

National Faith-Based Service-Learning Conference

This National Faith-Based Service-Learning Conference is a unique event focusing on critical issues for service-learning at faith-based colleges and universities. At our most recent conference, about 100 educators and practitioners from a variety of faith traditions gathered at Messiah College to discuss ways to sustain our collective call to service and community engagement.


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Agape Center

Service-learning at faith-based colleges and universities gives students opportunities to bring together what the academy often separates:

  • Academic knowledge
  • Community service
  • Civic and social responsibility
  • Personal growth
  • Theological responsibility
  • Spirituality

While many faith-based colleges have strong service-learning programs, there are many others who want to develop new programs or strengthen programs that already exist. Other institutions want to move from strong community volunteer service programs to academically-based service-learning. This conference attempts to bring programs together to allow for engagement of individuals around ideas for propelling service-learning forward at these institutions.

The conference is a biennial event, with the theme for the next conference being "Learning with our Head, Hands, and Heart" to be held June 2016. . Conference registration is free for members in the Messiah COE.  Off campus registration is $75.  If staying overnight, a single occupancy air-conditioned apartment costs $55.65.  (Costs are subject to change.)


If you would like information about past FBSL conferences, please take a moment to view the previous conference brochures. If you have any questions or would like more information about how you can get involved, please contact the Agapé Center for Service and Learning at Messiah College (717.796.1800 ext. 7255).




Conference Brochures: