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Service Learning Grants

Faculty may apply for either or both of the following grants:

1. Faculty Service-Learning Grant:

Maximum Amount: $1,050
Number Available: up to 2

This grant is designed to encourage faculty to integrate service-learning into courses. The grant can be used for a stipend for faculty and/or expenses related to the course.

Apply for these grants through the Faculty Development Office (Rhonda Jacobson) of Messiah College. Grants are announced each spring along with other faculty development opportunities.

Proposals should be developed in consultation with the Director of Service-Learning. Applications should include a cover page, a clear rationale for including service-learning in the course, responses to the criteria listed below, a budget indicating how the money will be used, and a draft syllabus showing how service-learning will be integrated into the course. The Scholarship and Development Committee will evaluate the proposals and award the grants assisted by evaluative comments from the Director of Service-Learning. The cover page should include the applicant's name, the category of grant requested, a one-sentence description of the proposed project, the total dollar amount requested, and a list of internal grants received by the applicant in the past three years.

Criteria Used in Selection:

  • Degree to which service learning will contribute to the learning objectives for the course.
  • Identification of appropriate and authentic service activities.
  • Frequency of the course offering and/or number of students likely to participate.
  • Potential for disseminating the experience.
  • Amount of new preparation required on the part of the faculty member.
  • Successful completion of previously awarded internal grant projects.

2. Service-Learning Student Scholar Intern Grant:

Student Scholar Intern Grant: $450 or $900
Number Available: up to 3

This grant allow qualified juniors or seniors to work for a semester or a full year as an apprentice for a faculty member who offers a significant service-learning course. The amount of the grant is $450 per semester. Scholar intern proposals may be included as part of another grant proposal or may be submitted independently. The activities undertaken by a student intern will vary according to the needs of the project, but the time commitment of the intern should not exceed 75 hours per semester.

Applications should include a statement written by the professor describing his or her scholarly project, the assistance to be provided by the student, and the mentoring to be provided by the professor. (Faculty members requesting the same student for an additional year must submit new rationale.) It should also include a statement from the student indicating what he/she hopes to gain from the experience, endorsed with the professor's signature.

Criteria Used in Selection:
The Service-Learning Student Scholar Intern Grant will be selected based on the potential benefit to the student, to the sponsoring facutly member, and to the discipline.



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