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Service-Learning Opportunities in...


On-Campus Opportunities

  • Pursue Study-Abroad opportunities, and find ways to serve in other cultures during your experience.
  • Tutor Elementary and Middle School Students at Orchard Apartments or through Allison Hill Tutoring
  • Serve as a positive role model for children in the Harrisburg area by forming a meaningful relationship with one through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program.
  • Build relationships with high school students by volunteering through Young Life, Abba’s Place, or New Hope ministries.

Post-Graduate Opportunities:

  • Translate for immigrants or refugees to fill out needed paperwork for visas, passports, jobs, citizenship etc.
  • Much of Wycliffe's translation and literacy work involves linguistic research. If you currently do Spanish, French, or English technical writing or editing in a business, academic, or government-related field, you may already have the basic skills Wycliffe needs.
  • Wycliffe has itinerant teacher opportunities to work with small groups of children for short periods of time. These teachers have the rare opportunity to live in different village environments as they consult with parents who teach their own children.
  • Research the internet for more opportunities – there are many organizations which send people to other countries to teach. (Best Bets for Studying Abroad has a good website with an index of opportunities:

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