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The Agapé Center for Service and Learning

Service-Learning Courses

Service-Learning Courses are designated by a “SERV” attribute in the course listings. Previous semesters’ course offerings are also listed below, as is information about the SERV 231/232 Courses, which are courses dedicated to better understanding service-learning as a model for teaching and learning and community engagement.

If you are an educator looking to propose a service-learning course, click here.

Download an excel time-log spreadsheet here.

If you are a community partner looking to request a service-learning project at your organization, click here.


To view a list of current SL course offerings please search The VIEW by SL attribute in MCSquare.  If you do not have access to The VIEW in MCSquare feel free to call the Agape Center and we will give you more information.




Student's Reflection:

A Caterpillar Tale

by Rachel Sender