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Integrative Developmental Model For Contextual Learning

Messiah Student with His Mayan Host Family in Belize
Messiah Student with His Mayan Host Family in Belize

Purpose of The Project

This model serves as a vehicle for articulating to constituents the comprehensive nature of our work with students, and our commitment toward their holistic growth and development.

Core Concepts
The developmental model for conceptual learning:
  • Assumes that students move through a series of steps or stages in the course of their personal academic maturity
  • Is cyclical not linear in its conception
  • May or may not correspond with students' chronological age or class status
  • Has parallel applications to individual External Programs, despite their unique attributes and foci
  • Is enhanced through strategic placement of experiential learning opportunities over the course of a student's college career, along with their corollary provisions for reflection and integration
The proposed developmental model for contextual learning will serve to:
  • Enhance student learning by identifying External Program goals for each phase of a student's academic career
  • Create contextual settings that serve as catalysts for student reflection on personal commitment and core values
  • Provide early and continuous support as students seek to clarify personal giftedness and vocational calling
  • Move beyond simulations to authentic, reality-based experiences that immerse students in the real world of work
  • Partner with alumni in providing more frequent and varied off-campus opportunities in which students can test their vocational call
  • Strengthen the triadic relationship between the College, our students, and community partners and/or employers
  • Assist External Programs in articulating to faculty colleagues the nature of our work with students
  • Enhance efforts to more closely synchronize student learning goals in External Programs with those of academic departments
  • Provide a more explicit educational theory or philosophy upon which to build an assessment plan for External Programs

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