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Agapè Center
Agape Center for Service and Learning

"My time in Mexico opened many doorways for me to be challenged and to either persevere or fail. It opened my mind to a different way of living, thinking, believing, and hoping."     — Mark Lacher (Summer Service & Mission, Mexico)

Programs Offered

  • Provide resources for and promotes academically-based service related to classes
  • Encourages and supports relfection related to community volunteer service
  • Offers the Service-Learning Course, SVC 231/232
  Local Community Service
  • Into the Streets for first year orientation
  • Service Day 2002
  • Local volunteer service opportunitites
  • Assists faculty with service-learning logistics
  • Advises Outreach Teams
  Outreach Teams
  • Supports more than 35 student teams to local agencies
  National and International Service and Mission
  • Administers summer mission and service teams
  • Provides information about service and mission opportunities to faculty and students
  • Maintains database of mission and service agencies and opportunities
  • Advises WCF and Service Teams
  World Christian Fellowship
  • Plans and implements Salt and Light Chapels
  • Encourages mission awareness and support
  • Plans and implements Mission Awareness Week
  • Sponsors 30 Hour Famine
  Service Teams
  • Fall, J-Term, and Spring Break service teams
  Dokimoi Ergatai
  • Engineering and development projects
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