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International Programs

Programs Offered

  Cross-Cultural Courses (IDSC 260)
  • Three-week courses offered during J-Term or May-Term
  • Led by Messiah College faculty
  • Proposals approved by the General Education Committee
  • Logistical coordination facilitated by the External Programs Office
  • Satisfies 3 credits of the Languages and Cultures requirement
  Discipline-Based Courses
  • Developed by academic departments
  • Established approval protocol
  • Examples:
    BIO 297 Tropical Biology Belize
    HPER 139 Wilderness Encounter Hawaii
    HRM 426 Topics in
    Human Resources
  • May or may not qualify for a cross-cultural
"I've really seen how much education takes place out of the classroom. I continue to learn plenty in the classroom, but 75% of my education in England was out of the campus setting. I've learned that learning happens everywhere."
Heather Andrews (Cheltenham and Clouchester College of Higher Education)
  Semester & Year-Long Programs
  • Qualify for Cross-Cultural Waiver (IDSC 260)
  • Established approval process
  • Same cost as remaining at Messiah with airfare rolled in
  • Financial aid is portable
  • 142 students participated in semester-long programs during 2000-2001
  International Internships
  • Semester-long internship program available in Central London
  • Study abroad partners offer additional 3-credit internship options
  Overseas Service-Learning Opportunities
  • Students enroll in two-semester Service-Learning Course (SV 231 & 232)
  • Financial scholarship aid is available for summer service
  International Summer Service Teams
  • 3-4 teams serve overseas each summer
  • Collaborate with established overseas partnership organizations
  • Must commit to semester-long orientation and training
  • Fundraising assistance offered through the Development Office
  Graduate School Options Abroad
  • Career Center offers resourcing & personnel with expertise in this area
  • Rhodes, Fullbright & Marshall Scholarship Programs are available
  International Employment Following Graduation
  • Career Center serves as a resource center for international employment
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