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Internship Center
"The internship program proved to be an invaluable, life-changing experience, preparing and challenging me to take my pursuits to new levels of achievement."
Internship Center
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Programs & Services Offered

Centralized Office
The Internship Center at Messiah College is a centralized center offering a variety of services and programs. We provide the convenience of a "one-stop shop" for students, faculty, academic advisors, and employers. Credit and non-credit learning experiences can be accomplished in the Fall, Spring, or Summer. These include information interviews, job shadowing, externships, practica, and internships (local, national, and international).

Staff Assigned to Particular Schools
Messiah employs three professional staff to administrate the Internship Center and to teach the interns in the required seminar component. Though the Director oversees all interactions with schools and departments, the professional staff are assigned specific school coordination responsibilities.

School of the Arts Michael Blount, M.A.
School of Education and Social Sciences Elisabeth Clark, M.S.
School of Health and Natural Sciences Michael Blount, MA
School of the Humanities Michael True, M. Div.
School of Mathematics, Engineering and Business Michael True, M. Div.

In 2001-2002 over 40 colleges/universities consulted with the Internship Center to either improve their existing programs, or model a new program after Messiah's.
Off-Campus Consultations
For the past number of years the Messiah College Internship Center has been recognized by our professional peers as offering one of the most comprehensive, well-run centers in the nation. Numerous colleges and universities have consulted with Messiah College's staff to improve their own programs. Our staff has been interviewed for major articles in U.S. News and World Report and the Wall Street Journal. Other recent coverage has included articles in an AAHE publication, The Sentinel newspaper and the Mennonite Review. Presentations are made regularly at professional conferences, such as the National Society for Experiential Education and the Cooperative Education & Internship Association, and to diverse groups such as the faculty and administrators of the US Army War College. We also host an internet listserv for internship professional in education, non-profit and for profit-organizations in the US and abroad. In 2001-2002 over 40 colleges/universities consulted with the Internship Center to either improve their existing programs, or model a new program after Messiah's.

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