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Philadelphia Campus
Philadelphia Campus
The Messiah Philadelphia Campus is located at the northwest corner of the Temple University main campus, across from Temple's student residence buildings. This location makes access to Temple facilities quite convenient for Messiah students. The college is housed in seven renovated townhouses which include student housing, classrooms, dining room and kitchen, offices, library, and recreational areas. Full-time faculty/staff, many living on campus, operate the various academic and administrative services provided at the campus. Cultural, recreational, historical, and educational opportunities abound within the city and are easily accessed using public transportation. A visit to the campus will be well worth the time in making a decision to attend.

Mission Statement
The Philadelphia Campus, a multi-faceted educational center, situates Messiah College in a major urban center with its ethnic, cultural, and academic diversity. The mission of the Philadelphia campus is to provide access to and enrich Christian higher education in the urban context, engage the wider academy, and address the challenge and potential of the urban world.
"I volunteered at the Calcutta House in North Philly. I was a 'buddy,' which is a volunteer who spends time weekly building relationships with AIDS patients who are in the last stages of life. Being here at the Philly Campus gave me a chance to explore these issues and understand a differetn meaning of life. It taught me how valuable life is, and how, no matter the circumstances, there is reason to hope."
Chet Probst

Purpose Statement
The Mission Statement for the Philadelphia Campus is facilitated through programs and activities designed to address the following objectives:

  To provide students from Christian colleges, primarily Messiah College, the benefits of a major secular university concurrently with the context of an intimate, Christian, academic environment.
  • "I knew that as a communications major, I needed to be in a competitive, large market to have an honest understanding of the industry. I also knew that I was ready to have my faith, maturity, and independence tested as a reminder of what I will encounter after college. The Philly Campus has provided me with this experience."
    Danielle Burrows
    Students may complete majors not available at their primary campus.
  • Students may take courses at Temple University for enrichment of their primary campus curriculum.
  • Students attending the Philadelphia campus will have opportunity to continue study in a Christian academic setting through courses taught by Messiah faculty.
  • Students will engage, from a Christian perspective, the disparate world views encountered in these academic contexts.
  • The residential setting provides a unique experience for promoting the students' social development in the midst of a major urban and academic context.
  To provide students from Christian colleges, primarily Messiah College, the opportunity to live alongside, learn from, and serve among people in one of America's major urban centers.
  • Faith in Action
    One cold night, a group of students gives blankets to peolpe, some who are living under a railroad bridge, and others on the sidewalks of Harrisburg. These students are part of professor Terry Brensinger's Amos and Hosea course which combines academic rigor with thoughtful action. Through involvement with various ministries to people who are homeless, these students are putting biblical understandings of social issues and justice into action.
    Students may experience and participate in cultural and ecclesiastical opportunities not available in suburban and rural environments.
  • Through this experience students may observe at close range the social, political, and religious challenges facing a large city, and may be encouraged to become involved in seeking appropriate responses to these opportunities.
  • Through experiences in the urban context, and influenced by campus programs, students will be encouraged to become aware of, reflect on, and respond to contemporary issues of justice (whether economic, ethnic, racial, or religious).
  • Within the urban context, Messiah College will offer curricular and cocurricular programs which will intentionally equip students for vocation in an urban society.
  To provide an entree to Messiah College for ethnically diverse students from greater Philadelphia, through diverse means. This may possibly include:
  • College-preparatory programs for urban high school students
  • An urban transitional entry program for early college students
  To provide opportunities for students and faculty from Temple University to engage in academic and faith affirming activities with their peers at Messiah College in Philadelphia
  • Temple University students may register for classes at the Messiah college campus in Philadelphia.
  • Structures, facilities, and programs will be developed which support both formal and informal dialogue between members of the Temple and Messiah communities.
  To provide an academic setting wherein dialogue is fostered concerning important contemporary issues of faith, learning, and living. This may possibly include:
  • Programs designed to foster geographical (urban, suburban, rural) and racial reconciliation
  • Efforts to promote inter-faith conversation, cooperation, and mutual understanding
  • Faculty development opportunities, with attention to bringing together conscientious scholarship, effective pedagogy, and careful theological reflection in the Christian college classroom
  • Conversation between the Church and the Christian academy for mutual support of the convergence of the spiritual and the intellectual

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