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History Major

History Major

History Major at Messiah College

At Messiah College, you’ll find there’s much more to studying history than memorizing dates and facts.

Prepare for a rewarding career in teaching, government, law, business, museums and archives, historic preservation, public history, journalism and more. Your coursework at Messiah covers many historical periods and subjects, and includes many study abroad and internship opportunities. By learning about history in the Christian liberal arts tradition, you’ll cultivate important skills such as critical thinking, excellent writing and methods of research. 

While at Messiah College, you’ll also find plenty of ways to link what you’re learning in the classroom with hands-on experience. History majors intern in places such as the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania House of Representatives Archives, National Civil War Museum, World Relief, Mt. Rushmore National Park and the Litigation Division of the CIA. Our faculty leads many cross-cultural courses to exciting places like Cyprus, Nepal, and Ethiopia, to name a few. 

Teaching certification 

And if you are interested in teaching at the secondary level (grades 7–12), you can earn certification in social studies by taking supporting courses in economics, politics, anthropology, sociology and more.  If you’re looking for a history program where you can study American classical, medieval, renaissance, European and world history, Messiah’s program is for you!

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