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University of Veracruz - Mexico BCA

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University of Veracruz - Suspended

After careful review of safety concerns in Mexico, Messiah College's International Risk Management Committee has temporarily suspended participation in this program.  The program is reviewed regularly.  Participation will resume as soon as it is the committee has determined that students can participate with the reasonable expectation that they are in a safe learning environment. 


High in the Sierra Madre Mountains, the city of Xalapa pulsates with music, theater, dancing, art, and other forms of cultural activity.  After a four-week intensive language course and orientation in Cuernavaca, participants in this BCA program live with local families in Xalapa to experience the realities of daily life in Mexico and choose from the wide variety of courses offered by the University of Veracruz.

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Costs: 2015-2016 - N/A

Jessica Lebo

“Learning a language was the most rewarding, interesting, challenging part of my experience. I learned that the journey of learning a language is continual. . . .I have learned that language is complex -it is not just made up of words, but there is a whole world of cultures, beliefs, and history that are integrated to form a language. . . . . What an awesome opportunity! ”