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Explore the meaning of life and the essence of the human experience throughout the ages.

Do you seek the deeper meaning of life? To explore what it means to be truly human? Do you believe that the discovery and formation of shared ideals can transform our society? If so, maybe a humanities major is a good choice for you. Select from seven concentrations within Messiah’s School of the Humanities – a school that has produced Rhodes, Fulbright, Carnegie, and Truman Scholars!

You will study with a multi-national, Christian faculty--including three Fulbright Fellows (Germany, Tanzania, Canada)—who have collectively published almost 40 scholarly works (nearly one per faculty member). All seven departments within the School of the Humanities participate in instruction, inspiring you with a broad variety of challenging subjects and a true liberal arts focus. Beyond the classroom, you will be encouraged to expand your perceptions in study abroad opportunities, choosing from over 40 courses in more than 30 different countries.

Each spring, Messiah’s Center for Public Humanities hosts the Humanities Symposium, bringing noted speakers and presenters from varied academic and political backgrounds. As a humanities major, you are able to participate as a planner and/or presenter in this annual event, as well as attend the seminars and lectures. Recent keynote speakers include Henry Louis Gates, Jr., of Harvard University, best-selling author Edward Tenner, and Kent Hill, assistant director of the Bureau of Global Health.

Whether your passion is the individual search for meaning or the nurturing of civic awareness in service to society, a Messiah College humanities major integrating seven disciplines — history, communication, literature, languages, philosophy, politics, and religious studies — provides a strong, scholarly foundation leading to a world of opportunity.  


As a humanities major at Messiah College, you’ll be able to:

  • Study with a humanities faculty that is deeply committed to a liberal arts education philosophy and program.
  • Participate as full members within the School of the Humanities student clubs and honor societies.
  • Refine your critical thinking skills.
  • Enjoy learning and socializing in the College’s newest academic building, Boyer Hall, including 21st-century “smart” classrooms.
  • Participate in either a departmental honors program or an independent study opportunity for in-depth research.
  • Consider a trip to our nation’s capital, or take classes at Messiah’s Temple University campus.
  • Contribute to the student newspaper or literary magazine.
  • Live and learn at the Reconciliation House, a student residence where students orient learning around issues of racial and cultural reconciliation.

Humanities Major Concentrations:

Art History
Literature (English)
Religious Studies (Christian Ministries)

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Messiah’s School of the Humanities has produced Rhodes, Fulbright, Carnegie, and Truman Scholars.