Step by Step Instructions for Clearance Forms*

ALL PA Residents and students in the School track MUST SECURE (see instructions below):

· Request for Criminal Background Check
· Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
· FBI Background Checks

*NON-PA RESIDENTS who are in either the Clinical Mental Health or Marriage, Couple, & Family track must secure the state-equivalent of the above clearances and submit the original document.

*SCHOOL TRACK STUDENTS will need the PA clearances even if they live out of state since they are pursuing PA certification.

Please Note:

*Students are also required to obtain any additional clearances requested by their site. This includes situations in which the site requires the clearance to be more recent than the time frame determined by Messiah College.

*All clearances must be no more than one year old when submitted to the Practicum and Internship Coordinator.

*If a student has not been continuously enrolled in the Graduate Program, clearances may need to be re-submitted upon re-enrollment.

*Clearances must be no more than four years old at any time during Practicum or Internship.

Step by Step Instructions for Clearance Forms

PA Criminal Background Check

  • Have a credit card ready.
  • Click the link above for this clearance.
  • Click on Submit a New Record Check
  • Reason for Request - choose Education (Clinical Mental Health or Marriage, Couple, & Family track) or School District (School track)
  • Accurately complete the information requested and click Next
  • Verify, then click on Proceed.
  • Enter your personal information again and click Enter the Request.
  • Click on Finished.
  • Click Submit on the Review page
  • Enter your credit card information and click Next
  • Click on the hyperlink for the control number.
  • Click on Certification Form.
  • Email Holly Myers your control number, or mail the certification form directly to her attention.

PA Child Abuse History Clearance

  • Click the link above for this clearance.
  • Enter your name, address, and other personal information as requested in the boxes. 
  • Skip any sections that don't apply to you.
  • Purpose of clearance - check School Employee.
  • Print and sign the form at the bottom of the first page.  There is nothing for you to complete beyond this, but you must attach the second page when you mail it.
  • You must attach a money order made payable to Department of Public Welfare.  Money orders are available at convenience or grocery stores.  You must pay cash for a money order ($10 + the cost of the money order).
  • Make a copy of the form before sending it off as proof of processing.  File in a safe place with your money order receipt.
  • Mail the completed form with the money order to the address at the top of the form.
  • You will likely receive the clearance within 14 days at the address you listed on the form.
  • You must show the original to Holly Myers. You may either mail the clearance to her or bring it to her office. She will make a copy, mark that she has seen the original, and return the original to you.  You should file the original in a safe place.

PA FBI Background Check

  • Click the link above for this clearance.
  • Choose Register Online.  School track students:  Choose the link for Department of Education.  Reason fingerprinted:  Colleges/Universities.  Marriage, Couple, Family and Clinical Mental Health students:  Choose the link for Department of Public Welfare.  Reason fingerprinted:  Employment with a significant likelihood of regular contact with children.  
  • Complete your payment and personal information, as requested.  Reason fingerprinted: Colleges/Universities.
  • Verify your information and click Next. Print the page with your registration ID.  You must take this page to the site where you are fingerprinted.  Click on Home to find a listing of sites and hours.
  • If you are a School track student you only need to send your registration confirmation to Holly Myers. If you are in the Marriage, Couple, Family or Clinical Mental Health track, you will need to mail the original result to Holly Myers once it is returned to you.

NON-PA Resident FBI Background Check

Complete by following the instructions on the FBI website (found here:

On your application form, please request for the results to be sent to Holly Myers at the address below

Please mail original results to:
Messiah College
Attn: Holly Myers
1 College Ave
Suite 3052
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Phone numbers to call if your processing is delayed:

PA Child Abuse History Clearance PA Criminal Record Check
717-783-6211 717-425-5546